The growth rate of the medical equipment market will remain above 20% in the next few years.



China is an important medical device producing country and a big consumer country in the world.

China is an important medical device producing country and a big consumer country in the world. Its manufacturing and consumption capabilities are increasing and its market potential is huge. In addition, with the continuous deepening of medical reform in China, the continuous change of people's health concept and the growing awareness of health, China's medical device market has shown a rapid growth trend, especially the market prospects of home medical devices and rehabilitation medical devices are very good. The steady growth of the market has driven the growth of listed shares in medical devices.
China's Federation of Industry and Commerce Pharmaceutical Industry Association recently established a medical device professional committee, and released the "2012 medical device industry analysis report." It can be seen from the report that in 2012, the dependence of high-end medical device products on foreign products in China's medical device market has declined, which indicates that the competitiveness of China's domestic medical device products in the high-end field is gradually increasing. In the first half of last year, the sales revenue of China's medical machinery industry was 68.7 billion yuan, an increase of 20.27%. It is expected that China's medical machinery industry will maintain a relatively high growth in the future for a long period of time, and the growth rate of the entire industry will reach more than 20%. This will mainly depend on the support of national policies, the increase of the elderly population, the change of consumer attitudes and other factors, and will tilt toward high-end products in terms of product structure.
In recent years, with the support of the state's finances, the overall level of medical equipment in China's medical institutions has been continuously improved, and the industries related to the medical device industry have also benefited. Therefore, the industry insiders generally hold an optimistic attitude towards the future development of the medical device industry. The above-mentioned predictions of the industry growth rate are by no means unfounded and have certain basis.