Last year, China’s medical device imports maintained a high growth rate




China plays an increasingly important role in the global medical device trade. The China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Medicines and Health Products (hereinafter referred to as the “Medical Insurance Chamber of Commerce”) has conducted a summary analysis of 2012 global customs data. According to statistics, in 2012, China The import and export trade volume of medical equipment reached US$30.62 billion, a year-on-year increase of 13.03%, which was higher than that of other countries. In terms of medical device import trade, there are three characteristics worthy of attention: First, the import source market is further concentrated; Second, the import of high value-added products The amount is huge; third, the number of enterprises with an import volume of 10 million US dollars has increased significantly year on year.
In 2006, the top ten countries in terms of medical device trade volume were all developed countries. The sum of their trade volume accounted for 71.08% of the total global medical device trade. In 2010, although this pattern did not fundamentally change, China’s success Ranked seventh, becoming the second Asian country to enter the top ten except Japan; and the total share of medical equipment trade in the top ten countries fell slightly to 69.78%.
In the first half of 2012, mainly due to the European debt crisis and the economic slowdown of emerging economies, the global medical device trade showed a downward trend. The relevant trade volume was 215.743 billion US dollars, down 3.43% year-on-year, of which the import value was about 104.8 billion US dollars. In the top ten countries with medical equipment trade volume, the total trade volume increased slightly to 70.16%. In the same period, China’s medical equipment trade volume was 13.83 billion US dollars, ranking third (in the European Union, the United States). After that, the import value was 5.702 billion US dollars, ranking fifth in the world (after the United States, Germany, Japan and the Netherlands), and the export value was 8.127 billion US dollars, ranking third (after the United States, Germany), 2012 In the whole year (the same below), the growth rate of China's medical device trade (13.03%) dropped by 25 percentage points year-on-year, but it is still higher than that of developed countries and regions such as Europe, America and Japan.
China has imported medical devices from 103 countries and regions, of which Europe is the largest source of medical device imports. The relevant import volume is 4.695 billion US dollars (up 10.97% year-on-year), accounting for 37.64% of China's total medical device imports; The major import source market is North America, with related imports amounting to US$4 billion (up 17.93% year-on-year), accounting for 32.10%; Asia ranked third, and related imports were US$3.471 billion (up 19.71% year-on-year), accounting for 27.83% - These three continents account for 97.57% of China's medical device import market. China's import of medical equipment to ASEAN and the Middle East market is higher than other markets, reaching 29.35% and 26.22% respectively.
Developed countries such as the United States, Germany and Japan are the main import sources of medical devices in China. According to the import quota, 9 of the top 10 countries are developed countries, and the top five countries account for 51% of the import share. The top five importing countries account for 40% - this shows that China's medical device import market is further concentrated.
There are more than 11,859 enterprises in China engaged in the import of medical devices. Among them, there are 251 enterprises with medical equipment imports exceeding 10 million US dollars, an increase of 33.51% over the same period of last year. Sorted by the amount of imports, Medtronic, Shanghai Dongsong, Chiteng, Johnson & Johnson, Kimberly-Clark, Roche Diagnostics, Shanghai Yilian, China National Building Materials, Olympus, and China Medical Device Technology Service Company ranked in the top ten. The total value of medical device imports accounted for 12.46%, and the concentration decreased by 0.12%.